To equip underserved youth and their families with tools to help them overcome barriers that put them at risk and to empower the family to improve their quality of life. 

KFMYOI has a two part mission. One is to provide services for our youth and to provide affordable housing for low income families.  The mission for our youth is to reduce risky behaviors (e.g. truancy, school performance and dropouts, teen pregnancy, drug use and dealings, gang involvement) in youth by helping them foster healthy relationships with family, the community, and each other, while involving them in activities e.g. one-on-one mentoring, tutoring, and curriculum-based rap sessions, etc.) that will promote positive change.

Our mission also includes providing affordable housing for the at risk youth and their families and low-income families in the community. We provide credit repair assistance, individual counseling, home ownership seminars, and make available various types of mortgages  from FHA to Georgia Dream. Down payment and closing cost assistance is available when applicable. 

We have a total of 70 years combined experience in the construction and real estate industry.

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KFM Youth Outreach Initiative Inc.

Our Mission

KFM  Youth Outreach Initiative, Inc. (KFMYOI) was founded in 2007, to serve at risk youth and their families within Metropolitan Atlanta. 

KFMYOI provide services that help to improve parent/child relationships, parenting classes, tutoring, family therapy and counseling, and affordable housing. Our services are geared to empower the entire family of our at risk youth and low income families in the community.