KFM Youth Outreach Initiative Inc.

If you are interested in applying for our GED Prep Program, please feel free to submit the following application.

• Students will learn at least 5 new words each week to improve their vocabulary.
• Students will write a minimum of one paragraph on a topic using each word.
• Students will gain exposure to at least 3 skills within the subject area (reading, math, language arts, science and social  studies) to pass the GED test.
• Students will test once a week in a specific subject area until they procure a score of 500 or above
• Students will follow schedule or will be reprimanded for not adhering to their schedule.
• Students will be on a time-schedule based on their IPR (Individual Prescription Report)
• Students will identify areas of test-taking strategies they need help with and work on them during supervised class quizzes.
• Students will have one-on-one discussions with a member of the school staff at least once a week to talk about their progress and individualized plans.

• Each student admitted will receive all the preparation needed to pass all GED tests.
• Students will leave equipped with problem-solving skills that will empower them to make better decisions.
• Students will have a better understanding of their identity and what they want to accomplish in the future.
• Students will be equipped with disciplines to help them develop character.
• Students will leave with an individualized plan for their future once they complete our program.

KFM Youth Outreach Initiative’s GED Preparation Program aims to educate youth and adults holistically. We have developed a structured schedule that develops discipline in each student academically, mentally and socially.  Our program  positions the student for advancement to higher education. With our program  goals, objectives, and measures of effectiveness, students should be able to pass the state GED exam  within three months. 


Program Goals

Program Objectives

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