- A staff that loves children and are experience with working with children of all ages.
- A positive atmosphere that will increase your child’s self-confidence and excitement about learning.
- Homework assistance daily and special tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the children needing extra help.
- Activities that will help your child develop thinking  and problem solving skills such as brain games.
- Support, Counseling and Parenting Classes for the parents during the school year.
- Healthy snacks for the children
- Encouragement for child to learn new skills, and develop positive relationships                  

Family Counseling Center

Parent Classes

Our parenting classes address issues that affect the parent/child relationship and aims to restore the family to wholeness and balance. Parents learn how to manage situations with their child with less anger and aggression. Parents learn different parenting styles and are able to determine which style works best for them.

Often, the parents of the children we work with need assistance, so we provide resources for utilities assistance, rent assistance, job opportunities and training, money management, budgeting classes, computer classes and affordable housing.   

Affordable Housing

Our affordable housing program helps low-inome families in the community purchase or lease affordable housing. We provide credit repair assistance, home ownership seminars and loan services to facilitate the loan process.
Our creative Arts Program consists of "The Spoken Word," on Friday nights. Our youth learn to redirect their gifts of writing and speaking in a positive way. This program also offers art classes for youth who are gifted and those who desire to become artists. We encourage them to explore their creativity through drawing and painting.

Creative Arts

*Family Therapy and Counseling (Apt. only) 
*Youth Counseling (1st /3rd Sat.11a-12p(ages6-17) 
*Parenting Classes (Sat. 12–2p)

*Mentoring (Sat. 12-2p)

*"Rap Sessions" ( Sat.12-2p)

*GED School (Mon-Fri 8:30a-12 p)

*Tutoring Sessions (Tue. & Thurs. 4-6 p)

*Job Readiness & Placement (2nd/4th Sat. 11-12 p)

*Etiquette & Social Skills Training (3rd Sat. ea. mo.)
*Summer Camps (June-July)

Our afterschool program provides a safe and positive supervised environment after school for working parents.

We provide:  

Our tutoring program provides quality support to students that have need for additional instructional assistance. Our program empowers them with the skills to be successful in every academic environment.


Schedule of Services

Our Mentoring Program assists single mothers and caregivers in the successful development of their children. Our aim is to build relationships with the youth and implement positive coaching moments with them in critical areas of their development such as: self-esteem, poor academics, parent-child relationship, self-identity, communication skills, submission to authority and forgiveness.


Tutoring Program

Afterschool Program

Mentoring Program

Youth & Family Services

KFM Youth Outreach Initiative Inc.

KFMYOI offers counseling services for the youth and their family. We counsel youth with drug addiction, behavior disorders, and psychological/behavior problems that can plague the family unit. We provide out-patient and in-patient resources for the families that need them.